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About us

Who we are?

We have enjoyed this breed so much and want to share what we have learned and our breeding experiences with you. Raising a Chihuahua is both exciting and affordable! And one more thing, Chihuahua puppies are the cutest pups God ever created. It is our commitment that every Chihuahua find a good loving home. If you have a Chi you can no longer take care of or are looking to adopt instead of purchase one of our puppies, contact us for help. You can advertise your Chihuahua for rehoming or place a Chihuahua wanted ad here on our site at no charge.

We are also building a Chihuahua Foster Care network to provide temporary homes for Chihuahuas through out most of the mid Atlantic Area. This is a grass roots effort that will take some of the pressure of local shelters and animal control facilities. Please consider volunteering, you may save a little Chi's life.

Teeny tiny in form, yet big in courage, the Chihuahua makes for a great watch dog, sounding the alarm with his mighty bark and devoted companion dog that will follow you wherever you may go. The Chihuahua is also known as being the perfect size for carrying under your arm or in a little purse. This small breed loves to explore the world with you. The very teeny Chihuahuas are so dainty and small in form and with a little apple head or deer head shapes to their skulls. They have ears that will stand up straight, along with little button noses. The very small Chihuahuas are known to be like a baby, very needy and very cuddly.